Receipt Hog

receipt hog

What is Receipt Hog?

Receipt Hog is a fun way to turn your receipts into rewards. Make your everyday grocery shopping from any store into Cash!


How do I Earn?

All you do is snap a picture with your smartphone of your receipt and than you earn coins for each receipt.

* less than $10 = 5 coins

* $10 -$50 = 10 coins

* $50 – $100 = 15 coins

* more than $100 = 20 coins

Receipts must be within 14 days of date on receipt.

You can only submit 20 receipts in 7 days and no more than 3 from the same store and date.

Then the best part you can redeem your coins for rewards! It is that easy!


Start Earning Today with Receipt Hog